Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
J. Louie Allen Outdoor Adventures Coordinator (603)862-1577
Jordan Anderson Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs (603)862-1839
Sotheada Ban Housekeeper, HRC    
Richard Cercone Athletic Trainer/Risk Management (603)862-1004
David Charette Director, Campus Recreation (603) 862-1455
Lindsey Collins Aquatics Coordinator (603)862-0845
Brianna Cowing Facility Scheduling Coordinator (603)862-1829
Jonah Fernald Assistant Director of Marketing & Development (603) 862-2074
Jackie Fotino  Coordinator of Instructional and Youth Programs (603) 862-0624
Karen Henry Housekeeper, HRC    
Wesley Kunin  Sport Clubs Coordinator (603) 862-1597
David Leach Assistant Director of Facilities  (603) 862-2056
Kayode Lewis Associate Director (603) 862-7062
Margaret Rodgers Assistant Director of Fitness, Student Personnel, Membership and Special Events (603) 862-4515
Gabby Riviere  Intramural Sports Coordinator (603) 862-2038
Marlee Scott Coordinator of Student Personnel and Member Services  (603) 862-0624
Khva Sok

Housekeeper, HRC

Theresa Castryck Administrative Assistant (603) 862-4085
Mary Wilson Administrative Coordinator (603) 862-1872