Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs
Club sports


The goal of UNH Sport Clubs is to provide athletic options to students seeking a high level of competition and camaraderie. They are university-recognized student-run clubs organized on recreational, instructional and/or competitive levels. Participating in a Sport Club allows students an opportunity to compete against other colleges and universities while promoting learning and developing leadership skills. 
There are activities for all interests and abilities so get involved!

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Archery club sport



Baseball sport club


student on the climbing wall


Cycling sports club


Dance club sport


Fencing club sport


UNH Golf Club


Men's Club Hockey

Ice Hockey - Men

Women's ice hockey club sport

Ice Hockey - Women

Judo sport club


men's lacrosse match

Lacrosse - Men

UNH Women's Club Lacrosse Team Photo

Lacrosse - Women

Mens rowing club sport

Rowing - Men

UNH Rowing Women

Rowing - Women

UNH men's rugby team

Rugby - Men


Rugby - Women

Sailing club sport


Team picture of the shooting club



Ski and Board

Soccer ball on field in front of soccer goal.

Soccer - Men

Softball club sport


Synchronized skating club sport

Synchronized Skating

Tennis club sport


Mens ultimate frisbee club sport

Ultimate Frisbee - Men

Women's ultimate frisbee club sport

Ultimate Frisbee - Women

Men's volleyball club sport

Volleyball - Men

unh women's club volleyball game

Volleyball - Women

Woodsmen club sport


team photo of UNH wrestling


Sport Club FAQ

Intramural sports are leagues offered for University of New Hampshire participants only. These leagues occur on campus and generally last four weeks, followed by playoffs. Club sports are University recognized student organizations that are student-run and organized on recreational, instructional and/or competitive levels. Participating in a Sport Club allows students an opportunity to compete against other colleges and universities while promoting learning and developing leadership skills.

Clubs are open to full-time, matriculating students and staff. However, some competitive clubs have their own specific eligibility guidelines set by their respective sports governing body, which have specific standards for collegiate competition. Most leagues/ and conferences allow only students in good academic standing to participate

All clubs require dues to supplement operational expenses. These expenses include travel, uniforms, equipment, and registration costs. Member dues vary from club to club but can range anywhere from $15- $2000 a year.

This will be dependent on the type of club you choose to participate in. Typically, sports that offer tryouts often will have cuts as well.

The number of weekly practices and competitions vary widely for each club. Some clubs practice up to four days a week and compete every weekend, while others practice twice a week and travel once a semester. Contact the club president of the team you are interested in joining, to find out specific practice and competition information.

The UNH Sport Club program gives each student an opportunity to take part in the leadership, responsibility and decision making process of club activities. The success of the Club is dependent on the organization, management, professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers, student members and coaches. Student leaders run the day-to-day operations, which include scheduling practices, activities and games, working with league and conference officials, making travel arrangements, and the financial management of the club. Sport Club student leaders will develop transferable skills that employer’s value.

All dues paid to participate in club sports are nonrefundable. 

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