Bouldering Wall

Built by Eldorado Climbing Walls, the bouldering wall is a prominent feature in the HRC.  The 12 foot high by 52 foot long wall allows climbers of all levels experience the thrill of bouldering in a safe environment during all seasons.  


Bouldering Wall

Bouldering Wall Policies

  • All climbers must wear shoes while climbing. Climbing shoes are recommended and can be checked out from the Welcome Center.
  • The mats are for climbers. Please use other mats for personal workouts.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have a spotter.
  • Be aware of those around you while climbing. Do not climb under anyone else.
  • Keep mats clear of personal items. Please utilize the cubbies.
  • Limit your music to a respectful level.
  • Report all damaged equipment to Campus Recreation Staff.
  • Bouldering is an inherently risky activity. You are responsible for your personal safety. Climb within your ability.
  • Be nice and have fun!

Info For New Climbers

Routes & Holds

  • The holds in a route are marked with colored tape.
  • Start a route with your hands on the hold (or holds) marked with a "V" and use only the holds with the same colored tape to climb to the box of the same color on the top.
  • While you can climb using any holds you want, if you are looking for a specific challenge you can follow a taped route.


  • The difficulty of routes is rated using the V-scale.
  • V0 is the easiest, and the routes get progressively more challenging as the V rating increases.
  • Ratings are written on the tape starting hold of a route.
  • If a route is difficult, beginners are encouraged to try using the taped holds for any hands and any holds for feet.


  • While the mats are very effective at cushioning a fall, the impact can be lessened by down climbing.
  • Absorb the impact of a fall by bending your knees and landing evenly on two, flat feet.