Personal Training

Personal Training  programs are open to all members of the Hamel Rec Center (HRC). All trainers are nationally certified and passionate about health & wellness. Campus Recreation is here to motivate, facilitate, and educate participants to achieve their individual goals.

  1. Decide which package is best for you.
  2. Click on the appropriate button and follow the registration directions.
  3. Once registered, your assigned trainer will contact you shortly to schedule your first session.
Student personal trainer and client
In Person Coaching

Meet with a personal trainer at the HRC to establish and develop a personalized fitness plan. Options include one-on-one private training or semi-private training. 

Dumbbells next to video of remote personal training on phone
Remote Coaching

Get all the benefits of a personal trainer from the choice of comfort of home or the HRC on their schedule. Clients will receive a customized exercise plan and built in accountability.

partner training at hamel rec center
Programming Only

Get in shape with some of the great programming that Campus Recreation has to offer.

Monthly Membership - No refunds. Membership cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to Campus Recreation to the Fitness Coordinator by the 15th of the current month to take effect the following month. All cancellation requests will be confirmed by email with the membership end date by the Fitness Coordinator. Memberships will remain active until the end of the month that said cancellation was requested, thus all policies will be applicable until the confirmed membership end date. There will be no refunds for current or prior months regardless of use of membership. 

PT Programming Only (4 month Membership) – No refunds.