Sport Club Testimonials

“One of the best things the University has to offer. Helps build strong friendships, helps students learn teamwork/being a good teammate, leadership skills, responsibility, accountability, and conflict resolution. It also gives you an identity on campus”

- Men’s Rowing


“Being part of the women’s club hockey team has helped build my confidence in being a leader, given me great people to connect with, and given me the incredible opportunity to represent my school while playing a sport I love.”

- Women’s Hockey


“My experiences participating in sports clubs at UNH have been very unique and groundbreaking. Not only have participating in sports helped me develop a lot of skills that can be used for the future, it has taught me many entrepreneurial and leadership skills unlike any other experience than I have had.”

- Wrestling


“Participating in a sports club has given me the opportunity to meet students I wouldn't have otherwise met, especially in other classes. It has also allowed me to have a more active role on campus and being a student leader has provided me leadership and professional skills that will help me even after I graduate.”

- Synchronized Skating


“The Ski and Board Club has not only shaped me as a student, but also a professional. From leading trips to creating budget reports the interaction with the club has set me up for numerous moments I expect to face in my career.”

- Ski & Board


“Sports Clubs at UNH has given me a purpose here beyond academics, which I think is just as valuable as education. It has given me a group of individuals who I can always rely on, and the opportunity to always be meeting new people over the course of 4 years.”

- Men’s Volleyball


“I have stepped out of my comfort zone by joining a club sport and in doing so have made some of my favorite's memories from the entire year, made a lot of new friendships, stayed healthy and active, and overall just had a ton of fun.”

- Cycling


“Enables students to continue to play sports they love at the collegiate level. It has also taught me to be a leader on and off the field, as well as provide transferable skills and characteristics to my future after college.”

- Baseball