Abby van Note


During my time with Campus Recreation, I worked primarily as a Program Assistant for Intramural Sports and Special Events. I began my employment as an intramural soccer official before being promoted to a Supervisor for Intramural Sports. During my four years at UNH, I also worked a few shifts in facilities and youth programs. Working in in Campus Rec defined my professional career. When I started at UNH I didn’t know that working in collegiate recreation could be a full time job, but I quickly found my passion and happiness while working at the Hamel Recreation Center. I now work as a Coordinator of Competitive Sports at the University of Wisconsin – Madison working with both intramural sports and sport clubs. Between my time at Wisconsin and graduating from UNH, I worked as a graduate assistant at Ohio State University while working towards my Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Working at Campus Rec showed me that I could work a job in a field that I loved! While my Genetics and Psychology degrees from UNH aren’t exactly relevant to what I do today, I love working in recreation and my time at UNH helped to shape that passion. There are so many great memories during my time with Campus Rec and they all revolve around time spent with awesome co-workers. Every year one of my favorite events was Campus Rec Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so to be able to celebrate it with all the staff was a great way to end the fall semester. I was a student during the first ever C-Rec Thanksgiving and to see how much it has grown over the years is awesome! Although I wasn’t a student during this memory, coming back to Campus Rec during Homecoming always makes me happy! Seeing old coworkers and the new facilities has been a highlight of my time since graduating and leaving Campus Rec. Enjoy all the time you have with the people you work with! The early morning opening shifts in the facilities and late cold, nights spent at Intramurals may seem miserable but they are the times you will remember after graduation. Many of my best college memories involve friends I met through working at Campus Rec and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Also be sure to get to know the professional staff! They are amazing individuals who will do whatever they can to help you succeed both at work and beyond. There are a lot of good people at UNH Campus Rec, be sure you don’t miss out on meeting them!

Year of graduation: 2015
Current occupation: 2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Coordinator of Competitive Sports