Intramural Sports FAQ

What sports do you offer?

We offer 12 different leagues of sports and 17 tournaments including soccer, flag football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and softball.

How do I sign up an intramural team?  

Login to IM Leagues, click on the sport you wish to sign up for, and follow the sign-up instructions.

How do I add members to my team? 

Login to IM Leagues, go to your team's homepage, click Invite Players, then enter email addresses of the players you want to invite.  To add players to a team from the Free Agent Pool, select the Captain icon on the left side of the page, then click Available Free Agents.

Does my entire team need to register online?

No, just one captain needs to register your team online.

How do you take the captain's test?

The Captain's test is available on IM Leagues. You must pass this test before it will allow you to sign up your team.

What if I want to play, but don't have a team?

Register as a free agent in each sport you want to play.  Log in to IM Leagues select Register/Signup, select Free Agent.  Teams in need of players may contact you to join their team and you may contact captains of teams that have identified that they are looking for players.

Who can play  an intramural?

All full-time undergrads, grad students, and faculty/staff with a Rec Pass are eligible to play  an intramural with a valid UNH ID. View our full eligibility policy.

Can I play on more than one team?

An individual may represent only one team in any given sport division. For example, one men's or women's team and 1 co-rec team. After signing in with a team, a player may not transfer to another team during the course of that sport season. The first team that a player represents in any given sport is the only team on which he/she is eligible to play.

Do you offer co-rec leagues?

We strongly encourage co-recreational teams to sign up for our sports! Co-rec leagues are a booming success at UNH. They provide a great opportunity to meet people and have a lot of fun in a recreational setting.

How competitive are the leagues?

Most teams that play are strictly recreational; however, some teams are competitive and play to win. For playoffs, we generally try and offer brackets for A (competitive teams) and B (recreational teams).

Do we need our own jerseys?

All teams are required to bring two matching shirts of different colors to every Intramural game. One color shirt must be a dark color and the other must be white or grey.

How long are the seasons?

For league sports, the regular season is three weeks followed by the playoffs. For tournament sports, the length of the season varies. View a list of all sports.

Where are intramural sports played?


What do I get if my teams wins?

If you win an Intramural Championship, you will receive a highly sought after Intramural Champion T-Shirt!

My team can't play, what should I do?

Email Campus Recreation  by 3pm the day before your game if you cannot make a regular season game. You will receive a loss for the game, but you will still be eligible to make playoffs. You may only do this once during the season.

I still have questions, what do I do?

Email or check out the policy manual for answers to any additional questions.